SNP Genotyping


Allow Retrogen to expand your research potential with a host of workflows to support your molecular genetics interests. From PCR and Sanger sequencing to NGS and qPCR, Retrogen has the tools and expertise to enable a wide range of experiments.

Sanger sequencing and qPCR are often used to confirm NGS results; fragment analysis can identify short tandem repeats, homopolymers, and microsatellites, and NGS can be used to screen antibody-heavy and light chain sequences, detect rare alleles, and perform SNP genotyping. Contact us today to get your molecular genetics project started on the right path.

Types of Service

Mutation Analysis

NGS, qPCR, or Sanger Sequencing.
Depending on the scope of your project, there are a number of ways to verify or discover variants in your templates.

SNP Genotyping

NGS or qPCR.
Profile your sample with a fixed panel, or we can help you develop a custom panel covering just your regions of interest.

Sequence Verification

Sanger sequencing is a common downstream verification step for many mutation detection assays. Submit your samples for verification today!

Fragment Analysis

RFLP, ITDs, microsatellites – many biomarkers can be detected via capillary electrophoresis.

Features & Benefits


Retrogen utilizes industry-standard reagents and workflows to provide accurate and reproducible results.

Difficult Templates

Proprietary workflows enable sequencing the most difficult templates.


Local pickup available in select areas.

Quick Turnaround Time

Starting from next day.


Experienced technical support to design, execute, and help analyze your experiments.


Online customer portal for placing orders and retrieving data.

How to Order

Refer to the sample submission guidelines for your application.
Once your samples are ready, log in to place your order, or call customer support at (858) 455-8411.