Sanger Sequencing

OVERVIEW Sanger Sequencing

Industry leading gold-standard sanger sequencing is performed on our ABI 3730xl platforms designed for high-throughput without sacrificing quality. The high optical sensitivity and uniformity across a 96-capillary array with the use of advanced polymers for separation ensure that you receive the best quality sequencing results to support your applications.

We are equipped and experienced in the many complexities of sanger sequencing whether you need a single tube or a stack of plates sequenced. We are excited to expand your research under RUO or CLIA/CAP regulated workflows

Types of Service

Plasmids or PCR products


Provide your template and primer premixed in a single well/tube according to our sample submission guidelines


Template and primer may be sent separately. View our sample submission guidelines and provide your own primers or select one of our Universal Primers free of charge.

Difficult templates

There are some templates where our proprietary sequencing reactions may be necessary to improve your sequencing results and avoid needing repeats. If your template is GC-rich, contains difficult repeats, hairpins and secondary structures or long homopolymers, then select our difficult template workflow.

PCR Purification

Retrogen utilizes an enzymatic PCR cleanup method to remove unincorporated primers and dNTPs to ensure good quality templates are available for your sequencing reactions.


Clinical Sequencing

CLIA/CAP regulated workflows are available, allowing you to expand your clinical workflow and report sanger sequencing results.

Features & Benefits


Data routinely yielding long reads and quality above Q20

Difficult Templates

Proprietary workflows enable sequencing the most difficult templates


Local pickup available in select areas

Quick Turnaround time

Starting from next – day


Skilled technical support available


Online customer portal for placing orders and retrieving data


Template Purification -> Sanger Sequencing Reaction -> Sequencing Cleanup -> Capillary Electrophoresis -> Data Analysis

How to Order

Refer to the sample submission guidelines for your application
Once your samples are ready, login to place your order, or call customer support.