Plasmid Preparation


Plasmid preparation is a fundamental technique in molecular biology, laying the groundwork for a wide range of genetic manipulations and research applications. This process involves the extraction and purification of plasmid DNA, a circular, double-stranded DNA commonly used in genetic engineering and biotechnology.

The Retrogen research team has years of technical experience to help advance your research projects. We offer industry-standard workflows which have been well referenced, proven methods and technologies to generate your data, and expert staff that can help design experiments as well as execute and analyze your results.

From plasmid preps, transformations and cloning projects, to bacterial identification or gene expression studies, Retrogen is ready to advance your research. Contact a sales representative to start your project today.

Types of Service

Plasmid Preparation

Retrogen’s plasmid preparation services move your research forward with robust workflows, quick turnarounds, and as always, Retrogen’s highest quality of support. No need to buy a plasmid preparation kit – Retrogen’s plasmid preparation service provides the right kit for the scale you need. We do the work for you – just submit your samples and we’ll return the purified plasmids and can even guarantee a specific yield if desired.

Sample Types

DNA: You can provide competent cells or choose from our available strains.

Glycerol Stock: Submit 200 µL of stock.

Bacterial Colony: Provide colonies within 3 days of plating.


Mini, midi, and maxi-prep kits provided for your project.

Quick turnaround time.

Online ordering.

Multiple available QC methods available to meet your needs.

Direct Colony Sequencing

Utilizing rolling circle amplification (RCA), an isothermal amplification reaction where no plasmid prep is needed, concatemers containing tens to hundreds of tandem repeats are formed to allow Sanger sequencing. This method is proven effective across multiple sample types, including low-copy plasmids, circular DNA in supernatants, bacterial colonies, and glycerol stocks.

Sample Types

Circular DNA: 50 µL of supernatant.

Glycerol Stock: 1.5 mL tubes or 96-well plates shipped on dry ice (denote media type).

Bacterial Colony: Circle and number colonies to be sequenced (if no numbering, colonies will be picked at random).

Phage Plaques: Circle and number plaques to be sequenced.


Flexible sample inputs.

Quick turnaround time.

Analysis on ABI 3730xl.

Long reads (>500bp at or above Q20).

Universal primers at no extra charge.

Online ordering and data retrieval.

Gene Expression

Retrogen offers leading technologies for both NGS and qPCR-based gene expression studies. ThermoFisher’s OpenArray platform provides pre-made panels for ease of use and little to no development time for your project. Just select your targets and submit your samples for Retrogen to process. Pre-designed panels are available for human, mouse, rat, and many other model organisms. However, if you can’t find exactly the panel you need, Retrogen can help you develop a custom panel.

Sample Types

RNA: Between 0.002 and 0.2 µg/µL minimum input into cDNA synthesis reaction. Please ship on dry ice.

cDNA: 1 ng to 100 ng cDNA into each qPCR reaction.


Pre-designed panels.

High throughput.

Microbial Identification

Retrogen can help with your bacterial and fungal identification needs using industry-standard 16S rRNA gene sequencing and internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequencing. Utilizing primers that amplify these highly conserved regions, these sequencing tools allow construction of phylogenies for identification of your micro-organisms of interest.

Sample Types

Direct Colony Sequencing: Plates or pellets acceptable.

Glycerol Stocks: Please submit at least 200 µL stock.

gDNA: Submit 50 ng of gDNA in Tris or H2O pH 8.0.


High-quality assays to amplify 16S rRNA and ITS regions.

Features & Benefits


Retrogen utilizes industry-standard reagents and workflows to provide accurate and reproducible results.


Local pickup available in select areas.


Local pickup available in select areas.


Starting from 1 week.


Experienced technical support to design, execute, and help analyze your experiments.


Online customer portal for placing orders and retrieving data.

How to Order

Refer to the sample submission guidelines for your application.
Once your samples are ready, log in to place your order, or call customer support at (858) 455-8411.