Next-gen Sequencing


Retrogen utilizes one of the industries top-rated platforms for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) enabling massively parallel sequencing for almost any molecular genetics application. The flexible and scalable nature of the technology allows investigators to interrogate genomes, exomes, transcriptomes or even just thousands of PCR amplicons in parallel, leading to significant data sets and decreased time to a conclusion. With the ability to multiplex using sample indices, your throughput will reach new speeds.

Retrogen uses Illumina’s sequencing by synthesis chemistry compatible with the MiSeq and enabling small genome de novo or resequencing, SNP profiling, targeted enrichment and amplicon sequencing. With Retrogen’s NGS offering workflows that support clinical diagnostics, prenatal testing and women’s health, all available under CLIA/CAP regulated environment. Contact your sales representatie today to bring your research into the next generation.

Types of Service

Molecular Diagnositcs
Amplicon sequencing
Library QC
De novo sequencing
Exome Sequencing
Transcriptome Sequencing
AmpliSeq (Illumina)

BRCA Panel

Cancer Hotspot Panel v2

Childhood Cancer Panel

Comprehensive Cancer Panel

xGen Lockdown Panels (IDT)

Pan-cancer panel

Inherited disease panel

Pan-cancer Panel

KAPA Hyper Prep Kits For Library Construction

gDNA, mtDNA and cDNA derived amplicons

Clone Checking

Transfection/infection checking


Vector/Plasmid Insert sequencing

High Sample Volume Genotyping

Metagenomics (16S rRNA)

Features & Benefits


Data routinely above Q30


Up to 30M PE reads (2×300)


Local pickup available in select areas

Quick Turnaround time

Starting from 1 week


Dedicated project management and excellent technical support to help you achieve your project goals


Depending on your project a variety of sample types are accepted. Please consult your project manager for details and specifics.


Design / Review / Confirm / Order -> Sample QC -> Library Construction -> Sequencing QC -> Sequencing -> Data Analysis

How To Order

Refer to the sample submission guidelines for your application
Once your samples are ready, login to place your order, or call customer support.


NGS sequencing stands as a beacon of innovation in the field of genetics, offering an efficient and powerful approach to decoding the mysteries of DNA. As technology progresses, the impact of NGS on scientific understanding and medical advancements is poised to grow exponentially. Navigate the future of genetics with NGS sequencing, where each sequenced strand represents a step closer to unlocking the next frontier in genomic exploration.