Methylation Analysis

Bisulfate sequencing

Unmethylated cytosine gets converted to uracil via bisulfite treatment, whereas methylated cytosine is resistant to this conversion under the same conditions. Using this simple principle along with standard sequencing allows interrogation of regions of interest and determination of the original methylation state in those regions.

Allow Retrogen to expand your research potential with a host of workflows to support your molecular genetics interests. From PCR and Sanger sequencing to NGS and qPCR, Retrogen has the tools and expertise to enable a wide range of experiments.

Sanger sequencing and qPCR are often used to confirm NGS results, fragment analysis can identify short tandem repeats, homopolymers and microsatellites, while NGS can be used to screen antibody heavy and light chain sequences, detect rare alleles and for SNP genotyping. Contact us today to get your molecular genetics project started on the right path

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